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Book launch!

September 1, 2013

Yesterday marked the proud day when I finally published my first novel, The Land Beyond the Sea.

It is a swashbuckling tale of adventure on the high seas, galloping along at a pace akin to a summer Hollywood blockbuster.

Here’s the synopsis:

The year is 1743. Thomas Albert, a 14 year old boy, witnesses a brutal murder and stows away aboard the merchant ship ‘Ichnusa’ to escape his pursuers. His new life at sea ends when they are attacked by the pirate ship ‘Hades’, captained by the fearsome Jack Douglas, aka ‘Cyclops’. Forced into life as a pirate, Thomas fights to survive each day as he struggles to come to terms with his new life. Lost at sea and chased by the Navy, the pirates pick up a drifting and delirious sailor who speaks of a mysterious island but warns of danger. Undeterred, they set course for the island. The land beyond the sea. 

It is available through Smashwords and Amazon, both at around 99p.

Please have a look, download a sample and if you like it, buy it and tell others!

It has been great fun to write and it is the first book of a trilogy which will be completed in due course. But the more people that read this, the quicker the others will be completed!

So have a look, relax in a comfortable place and be transported away to a life on the high seas…


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