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Here they come!

November 30, 2014

What a few weeks. Finally, How Lion Became King of Tinga Tinga Land, a children’s picture book co-written with Brian Hill and illustrated by a Disney artist, has gone to print. Should be ready soon and it goes without saying that it will make the perfect Christmas present for children!

I have also just written what I think is a wonderful short story, done in the style of The Gruffalo. It is called The Dusty Old Book and if any of you would like a sneak preview, just let me know and I’ll whizz it over to you for your thoughts. And if any of you are illustrators out there, fancy joining me on this project?

I had my World War One novella, The Officer’s Whistle, edited by Shauna Bartlett; what a worthwhile process! Even after I had been through it a number of times, the changes Shauna suggested were both plentiful and necessary! I have taken out an advert in Private Eye over Christmas and hope to sell a few more copies, especially in this centenary year. Check it out on the link at the bottom of my email.

Have a read and let me know what you think!



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