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‘The ability to Create makes us the gods of what we do.’ Unknown

 There is no doubt that creating gives me a joy and freedom to express myself, in many ways. Whether it is writing a novel or picture book for children/young adults, a novel for adults, a theatre play or TV script, or a musical composition there is always one result – joy.

Joy in the idea.

Joy watching it grow and get bigger.

Joy as it takes shape and all the little bits combine to become one idea, one voice.

Joy as it is complete and is a representation of something that came out of nothing.

Joy as it is passed on to others who appreciate it.

Joy as they encourage you to start the process again and again.

I have a number of short stories and a play available through Amazon and iBooks, please have a look.

I am close to completion on a number of exciting projects…my first novel (a swashbuckling pirate adventure) will be released online imminently as well as a WW1 play, ‘For King and Country’ – think of Journey’s End meets Blackadder.

I have a number of exciting music projects and am currently working on an idea for a TV show with Bandwagonesgue Partners.

I live in Twickenham with my wife Bruna and son Thomas Alberto.



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