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To quote the song from Soft Cell, it can be a frustrating process for a creative person to get their ideas ‘out there’ and heard/read by the right people. By the right people, I mean those willing to back you and encourage you to continue your creative output and even (in hushed tones) make some money. 

Looking at the world around me these days, I see hundred, nay, thousands of people making money through music, books, films, scripts. Many of them are very good indeed, at a level we can only aspire to. Good on them, fair enough, they deserve it.

But then there are the others.

The ones who have made their name through some voyeuristic TV show to be the next D list celebrity, due to eat insects with Ant and Dec looking on and making appropriate grim facial expressions. Or the ones who slept with a higher profile famous person and now have their 15 minutes of fame with the whole sordid episode in Hello! magazine. And all of a sudden, they are releasing books that they have written (can they even read?) and singing songs…’yes, I think I’ll be a writer this week and a pop star next week…’

These are the people that annoy me. Yes, maybe I am just jealous, although they have slightly less charisma than a talk show host, on a par with trendy estate agents. And so I trawl around looking for ways to get my ideas and voice out there and the websites promise to show my script or play my songs to the right people…if I buy a subscription. It’s all a con.

So I will be reduced to trying a new way. Having deleted my FB account (I utterly detest everything about it. It’s the Big Brother of the internet), I may have to bow to its mesmeric charm and reopen one to inform people about my work, along with this blog, Twitter and (gulp!) even build my own website.

Before I do that, if you are interested in TV/film/theatre scripts, books for adults and children, or songs of any genre, get in touch. I may have something right up your street.